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By way of introduction Cosmic Ordering has made headline news, especially in the UK and Germany. What we have done is to adapt Cosmic Ordering for Internet users. Cosmic Ordering does work - enjoy and have fun with it.


Ask And It Will Be Yours.


For many, what is written here will seem like a fantasy or something beyond comprehension. That's okay, however, because the power of eCosmic can be proven by anyone, even by those who may be sceptical and doubting. The fact is that eCosmic is changing peoples' lives. Before we go any further, we must emphasise that there is no charge or cost. We are not trying to sell you anything - just follow the instructions and you'll receive whatever it is that you desire.

The truth is that everything you want, genuinely want, can be yours. This may be something material such as a car, house, televison, new furniture, clothes or whatever. It can also be love, a new partner, friendship, peace of mind or the solving of a problem. Whatever it is, in any aspect of your life, it can be yours.

The Christian Bible has many truths within it's pages one of the most important is the following:

"And I say unto you, Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you."

This then is the principle behind eCosmic: Ask and it shall be given to you. Yes, it really is that simple.

You may now be thinking, "Fine but how do I ask?"

I'll give you the full information in a moment. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

But first, just to clarify, eCosmic isn't anything religious, it's not a cult or anything similar. It's simply a proven system to bring about changes in your life. These can be changes for the good or for the bad depending on what you wish for. You are the Master (Mistress) of your life. Your present cicumstances are down to you. If your life is wonderful - great - well done! If it's not perfect, it's up to you to change it. eCosmic will help you do this - no matter how silly this may seem to you. Life is a game: learn to play it properly and ask for the things that you want. Try it, you've got nothing to lose other than a little time.

Okay, let's keep it simple, and not delve into the 'whys' and 'wherefores', you can think about these at a later date. This is all you have to do to get the things that you want.


1. Decide what you want. As We've said it can be absolutely anything at all. We would suggest that you think of up to seven things you would like. Make them a mixture of smaller items of low value and also bigger more expensive or worthy objects or wishes. With eCosmic sometimes, but not always, the smaller things arrive quicker. Once you receive something for the first time you will then begin to fully appreciate the power of eCosmic and will begin to believe that your life is about to change. This will give you the belief and the ability to receive 'bigger' items more quickly.

Once you have decided what you want be more specific in what you are asking for. If, for example, it is a car what make do you want? What colour and engine size? And so on. If it's a new love in your life what should she or he look like, what sort of personality, how tall - get as specific and detailed as you can. This should all be fun to do, like picking out of an unlimited catalogue.

Now decide the date you would like to receive each item by. Be realsitic, you wouldn't expect to receive $1,000,000, say, tomorrow. But a smaller item could arrive quickly. With practice and belief your wishes will come true quicker and quicker.

2.The next step is to pubish these wishes on to a Blog on the Internet. Click here to see an example of an 'eCosmic Order', for that is what you are doing. You are placing an order for what you want and the eCosmic will bring this about. Yes, it really will.

Setting up a Blog is real easy (and free), even if you have never done it before. We would recommend Blogger, as it is easy to use, but you will find many other places to set up a blog if you do a Google search - there is a search box at the bottom of this page.

Your Blog wording, for your e Cosmic Order should be in exactly the same style / format as per the example. This is because it has been proven to work.

(a) The title for your Blog should be: 'My eCosmic Order'.

(b) On the blog itself (i.e. the post) it should be headed: 'Please give me - your name here - the following'. You then go on to list what you want and the dates that you want them by.

(c) At the end of your list write: 'All of this or something even better and to the good of all concerned.'

(d) Finish with: 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.'

(e) It would also help to spread the eCosmic word if you would kindly enter a link to this page, but this is optional.

If possible publish your photo, or some sort of symbol that represents you on your blog - again, see example.

Look at you blog often, after you have published it, but do not think about from where the items that you want will come from. This is not your responsibility. If you start to think that 'such and such' might come from 'so and so' then this might slow things down. Instead have the attitude that you have placed your order and you are just waiting for delivery. When you look at your Blog you are purely reminding yourself of your order.

To move things along tell others (or email them) about eCosmic. This creates good vibes as you are helping others to also fulfil their dreams. There is plenty of everything in the world. Don't, however, tell others about what you have personally ordered - this is between you and the eCosmic only - this is an important point.

To recap. All you have to do is decide what you want, enter this on a Blog (keeping your order a secret) and tell others about the power of eCosmic.

You will then receive what you want i.e. have ordered.

Try it now, don't put it off (even if you think it sounds all a bit far fetched!) because it does work.

Good luck!

eCosmically yours,

Your eCosmic Friends

Place Your e Cosmic Order Now and Make Your Dreams Come True


eCosmic is copyright MandK 2006 and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.